About Liz Duerschmidt


"Elizabeth M. Duerschmidt has been capturing the local scenes of WHB (Westhampton Beach, New York) and surrounding areas in various mediums since 1984. Her passion for life and art are vividly seen in her colorful canvasses. She loved it when someone once described her artwork as "Hopperish with a whimsical touch".  Viewers are drawn to her canvases because they are of familiar or of the nostalgic scenes of yesterday, which were stripped of their beauty and history only to make way for new developments. Her art is charged with strong, personal emotion with a deep attachment to our everyday world.Over the years Liz has published an historic series of four limited edition prints of the WHB area: "Raynor's Garage", "Beach Lane Bridge", "Eckharts's Luncheonette" and "Gloria's". Two limited edition prints of Quogue village have also been published: "Quogue Village Beach" and "The Shinnecock Yacht Club". Although Liz is mostly known for her portrayal of historic buildings, towns and bright landscapes, her true creative passion is for old pick up trucks (old "farm hands" tucked behind barns and covered in weeds). Liz scouts these scenes by driving around the east end in her 1951 red Chevy 3100 deluxe pick up truck. Trucks from the 40's - 50's are a disappearing icon of historic value.  After the events of September 11th, Fitzgerald gallery approached Liz to create a scene that would represent the American spirit. Liz immediately responded "There's nothing more American than an old pick up truck, the symbol that American was built from hard work". The work entitled, "American Spirits" has been reproduced in a limited edition giclee print."

(Source: Fitzgerald Gallery)